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Company Profile

3d独战黑马双胆 connie is a manufacturer with r&d ,manufacturing ,sales. connie h.f technical come from japan,as to the h.f technical ,which was introduced from japan to taiwan in 1996, was developed in 1999 of mainland.

3d独战黑马双胆 we  are a leading company of  high frequency welding machinery and ultrasonic plastic welding equipments and cylinder tube making machine .we are dedicated to offer automatic solution of high frequency &ultrasonic 

for the customers from all over the world.

 we always taken "pursuit  excellence, create value" business philosophy, and constant ly pursuit of technological innovation and upgrade. we are dedicated to realize the transformation and upgrading of high frequency welder,

3d独战黑马双胆ultrasonic plastic welder,cylinder tube making machine. 

 we focus on the development and production of radical new technologies, we offer installation and full technical service for our customers.

our products are mainly exported to asia, north america, south america, europe and africa.


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